Fife Wins Prestigious Title of ‘Most Enterprising Place in Britain’

Fife Wins Prestigious Title of ‘Most Enterprising Place in Britain’

Tue 25 September 2018

Fife Wins Prestigious Title of ‘Most Enterprising Place in Britain’

Fife Council welcomes recognition as the region is crowned the ‘Most Enterprising Place in Britain’ by the UK Government, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in this year’s Enterprising Britain Awards.  

Fife won in two categories at the UK Enterprise Awards, the ‘Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit’ category and overall winner award, marking exceptional economic successes within mid-Fife.

The awards celebrate Fife Council’s achievements in supporting young people to develop entrepreneurial skills and get into education, training or employment and for creating an environment and programmes that are helping businesses grow.

The awards highlight the strength of new town Glenrothes, now in its 70th year, which has undergone enterprise-led regeneration, transitioning from a period of economic challenge to one with a strong business-base and industrial innovation.

Fife Council is praised for joint working between its Economy, Planning & Employability and Education & Children’s Services, and with the Fife Economy Partnership (FEP).

Fife Council’s innovative Culture of Enterprise Framework connects the school curriculum, employability and local businesses to provide young people with the tools to develop enterprise skills - including innovation, problem solving, creativity and confidence. Fife’s Enterprise Learning Journey is benefiting school pupils (primary and secondary), young adults and business leaders.

Scottish Government Fife Task Force funding and joint working to move the local economy forward and create jobs and modern, business-friendly infrastructure, including an Enterprise Hub in Glenrothes, is also recognised. The Hub offers a up ‘one-stop-shop’ approach to providing business services and has enabled Fife to host the first Women’s Enterprise Scotland (WES) Female Leadership Programme – encouraging diversity in entrepreneurship.

Fife Council’s co-leaders, Cllr David Alexander and Cllr David Ross, said: “These awards show what can be achieved by applying an innovative approach to supporting businesses. We are fully committed to continually improving the prospects for our young workforce and in supporting the growth of enterprise across Fife.

“We are delighted that Fife is rightfully getting recognition for creating an excellent environment to support our business community to develop and grow, which, in turn, are creating quality opportunities for our local communities.

“Fife Council and its business partners continue to work tirelessly to create fairer economic growth, where everyone benefits, provide good employment opportunities and secure investment in the region.”


Bob Garmory, Chair of Developing the Young Workforce Fife, added: “Fife is closely linking education and learning with employers to help us develop our young workforce, get more young people into education, training and employment, and empower future business leaders.”

The Fife Economy Partnership (FEP) supports Fife Council by securing private sector collaboration to stimulate local economic growth.

Summary of Fife Council’s award-winning achievements - Supporting Fife’s Enterprise Journey

·         A Culture of Enterprise (CoE) Framework is inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs in Fife supported by school and college providers - in addition to industry. (4,450 young people took part in 2017/18)

·         Employability support is aligned with Scottish school curriculum to prioritise STEM subjects and a dedicated Developing the Young Workforce Fife (DYW) team has been introduced.

·         Support has been given to the development of new Foundation Apprenticeships within Fife. (12 programmes for 120 pupils)

·         A leadership development programme is now in place hosted within a new Enterprise Hub building. (Over 24 participants)

·         Business growth opportunities are being enabled and in there is a comprehensive industrial estate regeneration programme.  (£500m invested in industrial estate regeneration).

·         Glenrothes is home to Fife’s main concentration of specialist manufacturing and engineering companies, with over 130 businesses and several organisations retaining their global headquarters – including Raytheon and Bosch Rexroth.