European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2015

European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2015

Fri 20 November 2015

The Creative Quarter, Nottingham was today announced at the SME Assembly as Winner of the Improving the Business Environment category.

At the 2015 SME Assembly in Luxembourg The Creative Quarter from Nottingham were announced as Winner in the Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit category at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards.

The John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank from Hull were shortlisted in the Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit category.

The awards, which formally recognise innovation and reward the success of public bodies and public-private partnerships in promoting enterprise across the EU were open to all local, regional and national initiatives looking to encourage small businesses and promote entrepreneurship.

The Creative Quarter

Nottingham’s Creative Quarter is an area of just 330 hectares in the City centre. It is a unique enterprise environment that is leading the transformation of the city’s economy. At its heart is the idea of ‘an incubator without walls’ – a place where innovative businesses can start-up, collaborate and grow in a supportive environment. By investing in entrepreneurs who create jobs, the Creative Quarter has become the powerhouse for future business growth in Nottingham.

The Creative Quarter  is centred on the historic Lace Market and Hockley areas of the city, the home of Nottingham’s famous lace making industry. Over the course of the twentieth century these neighbourhoods fell into decline with the loss of traditional industries and became associated with the problems of inner-city decay – derelict buildings, high crime rates and poor connectivity. Post-2008, the area was not seen as a desirable location to invest, shop or spend leisure time. It also suffered from low broadband speeds and a stagnant commercial property market.

In 2012, a group of leading business figures in the city proposed that Nottingham’s City Deal should focus entirely on the Creative Quarter. They believed that delivering a focused suite of business support, skills development and infrastructure improvement would make the area the forge for Nottingham’s new economy.

Over the past two years it has supported over 500 businesses to locate here and the area has been transformed into the destination of choice for innovative businesses in the city.