The Apprenticeships and Skills Minister outlines his thoughts on the future of careers

The Apprenticeships and Skills Minister outlines his thoughts on the future of careers

Mon 6 February 2017

The Industrial Strategy Green Paper sets out the government’s proposals for delivering a high-skilled, competitive economy that benefits people throughout the country. Developing people’s skills is one of the 10 pillars of the strategy, and high-quality careers advice will play a key part in realising this ambition.

I see careers advice as the first rung on a ladder of opportunity, a ladder that people will continue to climb throughout their lifetime. However, we know that this ladder does not come to us pre-assembled. It is something that needs to be built, grafted over and shaped to reflect our modern requirements. Government’s job is to be there to hold the ladder and help people to climb up.

I strongly believe that the conditions are right to not only transform the nature of careers guidance, but of technical education and apprenticeships, to give everyone the necessary skills and training to open up opportunities and jobs for their futures.

I am excited to have oversight of all of these areas and the chance to bring a greater coherence to them. In particular, locating in one department responsibility for both young people and adults is an exciting opportunity that can bring about a coherent approach to lifelong careers. It allows us to look across the age range – from primary schools right through to retirement.

I also want to root our approach to careers provision firmly at the heart of the government’s focus on social justice, and our desire to make sure that everyone, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to progress in life.