Burnley: Winner of the UKs Most Enterprising Place 2013

Burnley: Winner of the UKs Most Enterprising Place 2013

Fri 22 November 2013

Burnley: UK’s No.1 Most Enterprising Place 2013

Burnley is officially the ‘Most Enterprising Area in the UK’ in 2013. The accolade, awarded through the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, recognises and celebrates the range of business, enterprise and economic development work that has reshaped Burnley’s reputation.

The Burnley Bondholders scheme sets Burnley apart from the rest of Britain, an initiative that brings together over one hundred local firms that work together to promote Burnley as a place for business. Through the consortium?s combined passion and hard work to promote local enterprise through media channels they have attracted £10 million to the area.

The Burnley Bondholder scheme stood out from other entries in this year’s most enterprising place? category of the Enterprising Britain Awards because it demonstrated how collaborative thinking can make a real difference to an area.

Business and Enterprise Minister Michael Fallon said:  “The Burnley Bondholders scheme is reinvigorating the local economy and helping to change perceptions of Burnley. Initiatives like this are working hard to boost growth and thoroughly deserve recognition and the opportunity to represent the UK at the European Awards in November.

“These awards showcase the entrepreneurial spirit that can be found in local authorities, businesses, schools and colleges across the country.”

Councillor Julie Cooper, leader of Burnley Council, said: “This is fantastic news for Burnley. “We are punching above our weight and we have big ambitions. Burnley is well on its way to forging a strong international reputation as a centre of excellence for manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace industry.

“This award reflects Burnley?s growing stature in showing the way to the rest of the country in promoting manufacturing in Britain and puts us on the map as a place where enterprise and innovation are thriving. 

“It?s great that we?re the most enterprising area in the UK but it?s only the start. It reflects what?s happening in our town but it?s nowhere near the end of the story. Work which is underway to create an innovative aerospace supply village in the former Michelin tyre factory is just one excellent example of how an old manufacturing site that was symbolic of Britain?s industrial past is being transformed into a shining example of our country?s high-tech manufacturing future.

“Burnley – Britain?s most enterprising area – absolutely right.”


The category winners in full:

  • Most Enterprising Place – Burnley Bondholders Scheme 
  • Promoting Enterprise – The Premier League Ltd
  • Encouraging Export – London Borough of Hackney 
  • School/FE that best supports enterprising ambition in young people - NE Scotland College (formlerly Aberdeen College)