Entry Rules

Entry Rules


All categories in the Enterprising Britain Awards are open to UK public organisations that are local, regional or national and to private organisations working in partnership with public sector bodies or organisations.

For example, applicants could include schools, colleges, towns, cities, communities or regional bodies, as well as public-private partnerships between public bodies and entrepreneurs or business organisations.

Public-private partnerships are defined for the awards as:

  • a financial agreement in which the private partner is charged with realising a policy or scheme for the public body;
  • an agreement between the private partner and the public body in which the private partner is involved - due to its expertise or resources - in the development of a policy or scheme; or
  • support, not necessarily of a financial nature, that the public body grants the private sector partner as part of a specific project. For the purposes of the awards, the nature of the support would need to be specified in the application.

By entering the Enterprising Britain Awards you agree that, in the event your entry is nominated, you will represent the United Kingdom in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards. UK entry to the European competition can only be decided by the EBA judging panel.

All entries must demonstrate that the project/activity on which their entry is based has been in operation for a minimum of 2 years at the closing date for entries.

There is no entry fee.